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Computer Programming Instruction for Students

Teaching young people to program computers, in classes and private lessons
Young Programmers Classes in or near Lafayette
In-person classes in or near Lafayette, California. These are scheduled at
Private Lessons
Ages, location, languages, cost, student responsibilites and lesson times
Summer 2015 Classes
Summer 2015 Classes in Lafayette, including Python, Scala, Processing and game programming
Dave’s YouTube Channel
Lessons on programming, mostly for kids.
About the Training and Instructor
Classes, and instructor experience
Minecraft Modding in Scala
Python Class Preparations
How to install Python and prepare for a Python class
Python Accelerated Class Notes
These are notes from an accelerated Python class I gave to a small group a few years ago. They are not designed to be used without the lectures, but perhaps they will be of use to some of you.
Dave Meets Spacewar! Creator Steve Russell
DVC College for Kids
For 23 summers from 1992–2014, Dave Briccetti taught programming in the College for Kids program at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, California. He is now focusing on classes he teaches through his own company.