• Web, desktop and back-end applications programming
  • Application architecture
  • Code reviews and developer mentoring and training


I have a rich set of skills, in a variety of popular languages and application frameworks, including:

  • Scala
  • Python
    • Django
  • Java
    • Processing
    • Android
  • JavaScript
    • p5.js
  • Kotlin
  • Ruby
    • Rails
    • Sonic Pi
  • C++


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Since becoming a consultant in 1983, I have developed software in many areas, including:

  • satellite imagery analysis
  • geographic information systems
  • student information systems
  • virtualization
  • social networking
  • videoconferencing
  • remote device control
  • finance
  • education
  • publishing
  • mechanical engineering
  • semiconductor manufacturing
  • defense
  • telecommunications

Here are some highlights of ongoing and past efforts:

  • Developing RoomHelper 3000, A webapp to manage a class of students in a computer lab
  • Developing DBSchools Music Gradebook
  • Developed vCloud Usage Meter, a Scala, Lift application for VMware to run in their service provider partners’ cloud environments
  • Wrote an open source Twitter client, TalkingPuffin, in Scala
  • Developed BirdShow, a Scala/Lift open source Web app for viewing galleries of photos stored on Flickr
  • Did various projects related to student information systems, in Java and JavaScript, for School Loop
  • Worked on core technology for Web search company Technorati, using Python
  • Worked with Dennis Allison and Adele Goldberg on, using Python and Zope
  • Worked in a team that developed a wireless network security administration console, a sophisticated multithreaded Java Swing application
  • Developed a keyboard and mouse remote control application for MS Windows
  • Developed a web-based application for teachers, students and their parents to communicate about grades, homework assignments, and other subjects. It interfaced with the student information system Eagle Aeries. It was written in Java, Servlets, JSP, and Perl.
  • Wrote a program to control an array of large video projectors
  • Developed a remote control video camera client/server program using TCP/IP sockets
  • Wrote code for remote control of video cameras and other devices over TCP/IP sockets and RS232 ports
  • Wrote portions of a high-performance videoconferencing application
  • Developed software used for quality control of silicon wafer fabrication
  • Developed ZVIEW, a commercial software product used to present electronically published information
  • Developed MsgVu, a product which managed electronic mail messages under DOS and OS/2. MsgVu worked with CompuServe and many bulletin board systems.


Here is a partial list of clients for whom I have done software development: