Music Gradebook helps music teachers and their aides assess music students on their instruments and record their progress through a book or series of books such as the Standard of Excellence series.

This program has been in regular use at Stanley Middle School since the 2004–05 school year.


  • Has a customizable set of criteria used for assessing: Articulation, dynamics, etc.
  • Knows the tempo of all pieces, and pre-sets a metronome to that value
  • Has several choices of metronome sound
  • Shows a grid of the number of players in each band, by instrument
  • Allows viewing all students, or any combination of band and instrument
  • Has a page designed for projection on a screen in the main band room, which shows all students selected for testing, and calls them for testing when it is their turn
  • Shows a history of assessments, which is useful for identifying problems, looking for trends, and grading
  • Imports students from student information systems
  • Helps with the selection of students to test, by showing the students in order of last test, from least recent (or never) to most recent
  • Allows the users to chat with each other
  • Clearly shows the state of the process: which students are in with which testers and when they started the session, and who is to be tested next
  • Shows a summary of tests by teacher by day, and details about tests: who, when, what piece, pass/fail, and predefined and free-form comments
  • Shows the number of tests and pass/fail ratios by group, grade, and tester


This is free software. Source code. Change history. Discussion.

Anyone can run it on their own computers. Lead developer Dave Briccetti will be glad to host it at no charge for a few groups who want to work with us, giving feedback and helping us make Music Gradebook more generally useful.


Music Gradebook Version 3.7.0