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Student Qualifications

  • Grades 6–12 (Accelerated learners in earlier grades are welcome with instructor approval)
  • Logical thinking and math skill
  • Facility with computers
    • Operating system and browser (download, install, unzip, move files around)
  • Typing ability

Class Description

In this class, we will write a graphical game that runs in a web browser, using JavaScript, the Phaser gaming library, HTML and CSS. Take a look at the Phaser website to get an idea of what you can do with it.

Some things we will learn:

  • Moving a character using the keyboard
  • Having enemy characters
  • Having multiple game levels
  • Detecting collisions between characters
  • Playing music and sound effects
  • Realistic motion according to laws of physics

We’ll start with the Phaser sandbox, then switch to the more powerful NetBeans integrated development environment (IDE).


If you have no programming experience, please first spend some time with Scratch or Tynker, getting some experience with things like:

  • repeat
  • if
  • sprites
  • costumes
  • 2-d coordinates (x, y)

Before class, please set up your laptop for Phaser.

Class Materials