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Student Qualifications


Class Description

Python is used for creating games, websites, and much more. Python is a real programming language used by professionals (Google, for example, has lots of Python programmers). One of our projects will be a text adventure game. We will learn about and practice using many parts of Python, including

  • Communicating with the user (print, input)
  • Taking action depending on conditions (if)
  • Looping (while, for)
  • Making things happen randomly in games (random module)
  • Storing data in various ways
    • Tuples
    • Lists
    • Dictionaries

Students will use their creativity and new programming skills to create projects like those shown below (click to view the entire document), including an adventure game with various interesting places, and events that occur probabilistically at those places:

Picture of getting started Jupyter notebook


Challenge 1: Interact with the user

Write a program that greets the user, asks a question, and then “print”s a message that changes depending on their answer. For examples, look at Hello, World, Getting Input, and Doing Different Things Depending on Input Received, here.

Challenge 2: Tuples and random.choice

Make a program that uses tuples and random.choice. For example, one that displays a randomly-chosen “fun fact”, or tells a joke.

Advanced Challenge 1: Adventure Games

Study either of the Adventure games listed in Resources and make your own.