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Student Qualifications

  • Grades 6–12 (Accelerated learners in earlier grades are welcome with instructor approval)
  • Logical thinking and math skills
  • Facility with computers
  • Moderate experience with Python (or another language like C, Java, or JavaScript):
    • variables
    • conditions (if)
    • loops (while or for)
    • sequences (tuples, lists)

Class Description

A Web application is a program that people interact with using a Web browser. Some Web apps you may know:

  • Google search, gmail, contacts, calendar, maps
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

There are many ways to make Web apps, using many languages. With Python, using a package called Flask, we can easily make simple Web apps. In this class we will:

  • first review the relevant parts of Python
  • learn to use Flask
  • practice making simple Web applications, such as:
    • random joke and quote servers
    • name pickers
  • write client programs to automatically connect to other students’ Web apps
  • begin to work on a more advanced Web app that includes images and sounds One page of an adventure game web app
  • learn how computers communicate over networks
    • IP addresses
    • ports
    • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) basics
  • learn some tools to explore networking

By the end of class, each student should have created a simple Web app that others can run from the same private local area network.


Before class, please set up your laptop for Python.


Notebooks on Github

Source code

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