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Student Qualifications

  • Grades 6–12 (Accelerated learners in earlier grades are welcome with instructor approval)
  • Logical thinking and math skills
  • Facility with computers

Class Description

Scala is a popular, mainstream programming language, that many top programmers see as a natural evolution from the very popular Java language. This class will explore Scala in several contexts.


Kojo screenshot

With Kojo, we’ll learn Scala while making interesting mathematical patterns.


Processing screenshot

With processing, we’ll blend programming with art.

Adventure Game

We will study and modify this text adventure game.


If you have no programming experience, please first spend some time with Scratch or Tynker, getting some experience with things like:

  • repeat
  • if
  • sprites
  • costumes
  • 2-d coordinates (x, y)

We’ll set up the computers in class. Please be sure the student has the ability (administrator access) to install software on the computer (or the parent stays with us).

Scala Playlist

Scala Lessons Source Code

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