Please follow the instructions in the section below for the class you are taking.


Congratulations on your decision to learn Python. Please bring a Mac, Windows or Linux computer to class. All the software we will use is free.

Prior to class, please do the following:

  • Download and install Python Version 3 from There is a Getting Started page there if you need it.
  • Download and install PyCharm Community Edition from JetBrains


Please prepare your computer before coming:

  • Install a recent version of Chrome
  • Install the Chrome NetBeans Connector
  • Install NetBeans, either the “Full” bundle or the “HTML 5” bundle. If you have an older Mac OS and NetBeans 8 won’t install, use NetBeans 7.3.1 instead.
  • If you’re planning to draw your own game art, install a drawing/painting program such as the free GIMP or Inkscape. If you are using a commercial program such as Photoshop, ensure you have a license for it.
  • If you want to play around with sound effects, you might want to install Audacity.


git is a version control system. It helps you manage changes to your programs over time, and to keep up to date with your teacher’s code.

  • Download and install git

Clone My Github python-lessons Repository

  • Install git if you haven’t already
  • From the PyCharm VCS menu, choose Check Out from Version Control -> Git
  • Use as the repository
  • Answer yes when PyCharm offers to open the new project




  • Install Scala
  • Intellij IDEA Community Edition
    • Install
    • Run
    • Choose Skip All and Set Defaults
    • On Welcome page, choose configure plugins from the bottom right
    • Push Install JetBrains Plugin…
    • Type scala in the search field. The Scala plugin should appear on the right.
    • Push Install Plugin
    • After the plugin installs, push Restart
    • On Welcome page, Create new project
    • Select Scala from the column on the left and push Next
    • Type Validate for the project name
    • For Project SDK, New, JDK
    • Give the location of a 1.7 or 1.8 JDK
    • For Scala SDK, push Create, then Download…
    • Push OK to download
    • When the download completes, push Finish

Scala, Using Kojo

  • Make sure you can run Kojo