Interactive Electronic Pets, with Dave Briccetti (Proposed)

Title graphic showing micro:bit, sample pets, laser machines and a 3D printer

In this class, for up to ten beginning and experienced programmers and makers in grades five and up, you’ll create your own interactive electronic pet, while developing your programming and making skills, and being exposed to the big ideas of computer science.

You can develop these skills:

  • Computer Programming
  • Electronics
    • using the micro:bit with a motor or sensor
  • Laser Cutting and Engraving
    • using a vector drawing program to design your pet
    • operating the laser machine
  • 3D Printing
    • using a modeling program to design your pet
    • slicing your model
    • operating the 3D printers

When you’re done, you can keep what you make, including the micro:bit microcontroller.

Dave Briccetti is a highly skilled programmer and experienced computer science teacher. Watch him teach on his YouTube channel.

Bring your own laptop computer running macOS, Windows, or Linux, or use one provided by the school.