An Athenian 2022–23 Winter After-School Computer Science Class

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In this class, for up to ten beginning and experienced programmers and makers in grades five and up, you’ll develop your programming and making skills, while being exposed to the big ideas of computer science.

We’ll take a look on the first day and find out what your skill level is and what you want to learn.

You can develop these skills:

  • Coding
    • the Python programming language
    • the p5.js JavaScript programming environment
    • other languages and environments depending on your interests
  • Electronics
  • Laser Cutting and Engraving
    • using a vector drawing program to design your creations
    • operating the laser machine
  • 3D Printing
    • using a modeling program to design your creations
    • slicing your model
    • operating the 3D printers

Dave Briccetti is a highly skilled programmer and experienced computer science teacher. Watch him teach on his YouTube channel.

Bring your own laptop computer running macOS, Windows, or Linux, or use one provided by the school.


Computing in the News

JavaScript, Java, and Python skills top demand

Speaking of Python

Let’s do some Python programming in replit.

print('Hello, world!')
for num in range(5):
name = input('Your name? ')
print(f'Hi, {name}!')


Computing in the News

Decoding brainwaves to identify what music is being listened to

Dave’s Coin Feeder Project

Intro to Either 3D Printing or Laser Machining (Students Choose)

Free time for programming, modeling, drawing, 3D printing, and laser machining


More on 3D Printing and Laser Machining

Adobe Illustrator

Tinkercad Designs