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Student Qualifications

  • Grades 6–12 (Accelerated learners in earlier grades are welcome with instructor approval)
  • Logical thinking and math skills
  • Facility with computers

Class Description

Processing combines programming with art and 2D and 3D graphics. Try some examples. We will create fun programs like these.

Processing is a toolkit for making cool graphics and animations, and it works with Python and any language that runs on the Java environment.

Combining programming in a real language with cool graphics makes a fun way to learn.


If you have no programming experience, please first spend some time with Scratch or Tynker, getting some experience with things like:

  • repeat
  • if
  • sprites
  • costumes
  • 2-d coordinates (x, y)

Before class, please install Processing.

Graphics, Animation, Art, and Sound Playlist