Programming an Adventure Game with Snap! and Python, with Dave Briccetti

In this class, for beginning and experienced programmers, you’ll create your own adventure game using one or two different programming languages, while strengthening your programming skills, and being exposed to the big ideas of computer science.

Snap! is a blocks-based language used by many educators to teach solid computer science principles. It’s like Scratch, but with many more advanced features. Universities, high schools, and now middle schools use Snap! in computer science courses. With it you can make an adventure game with graphics and sound.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages, and it’s suitable for beginning programmers as well as professionals. Those who want to focus on Python more than Snap! will spend most of their time making a text adventure game in Python. (In this video, Dave walks you through creating one such game.)

Dave Briccetti is a highly skilled programmer and experienced computer science teacher. Watch him teach on his YouTube channel.

See a detailed log from a very successful related class by Dave from Summer 2019.

Bring your own laptop computer running macOS, Windows, or Linux, or use one provided by the school.