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Classroom Resources and Self-Directed Learning Time Activities

First Day, 2023-08-17

Welcome to Computer Science

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Computing in the News

Cruise Driverless Taxis Shut Down, Block Traffic Due to Network Overload

What do you want to learn this trimester?

Self-Directed Learning Time Activities

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Before You Leave

  • Log out
  • Straighten up


Computing in the News

Meet ‘Pibot,’ the humanoid robot that can safely pilot an airplane better than a human

Python Lesson

  • Hello, world
  • 2 six-sided dice throw
  • 1–100 integer guessing game


Computing in the News

Planning algorithm enables high-performance flight

Python Quiz

  • Hello, world
  • 2 six-sided dice throw

More Python

  • 1–100 integer guessing game


Computing in the News

Meet Apollo, the ‘iPhone’ of humanoid robots

Python Quiz

  • Hello, world
  • 2 six-sided dice throw

More Python

  • List
    • A special type of object that stores multiple elements
teams = []  # Create an empty list and assign to teams
teams.append('Raiders')  # Add elements to the list
team = input('Team? ')   # Prompt for a team
teams.append(team)       # Add that team to the list

  • Operators
    • = assignment operator
    • == equality operator
  • Symbols
    • [] left and right square brackets, used with lists

Problems for more advanced students:

  • Write a program that takes two numbers via the input function and prints their sum
  • Write a program that determines whether a given number is even or odd
  • Write a program that checks if a given character is a vowel (consider only ‘a’, ‘e’, ‘i’, ‘o’, and ‘u’ as vowels).
  • Given a list of numbers, calculate and print the average.


Computing in the News

The Top Programming Languages 2023

Python Quiz

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Solving Tuesday’s Advanced Problems

More Symbols

Learn before our next class.

  • {} curly braces
  • ! exclamation point
  • @ at sign
  • * asterisk
  • - hyphen
  • – en-dash
  • — em-dash
  • < less than, or open angle bracket
  • ; semicolon
  • : colon
  • ’ single quote
  • ” double quote